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Zephop Business Dashboard - Set up a Loyalty program to build lasting relationships with customers
Reward loyal customers

Increase customer happiness by rewarding loyal customers

Use Zephop to set up a new loyalty program or tailor your existing loyalty scheme.

Attract new customers with rewards and freebies

Acquire new customers in a jiffy with a deal or two

Who doesn't want to get more for what they pay? Free drinks, meals and that scoop of ice-cream will keep customers coming back.

Get insights and analytics to track customer behaviour

Know your customers and keep them coming back

Customer footfalls, favourites and time of visits are just the basics that our system will relay to you. Use these analytics and more to offer attractive deals and ramp up your sales.

Level up with Zephop

Zephop for businesses is easy to set up

Easy Setup

Easily delegate to staff on the ground. Zephop comes with zero complexity and disruptions.

Zephop for business is sensible


One-stop-shop to tailor rewards. Engage customers by rewarding them with stuff they've liked before.

Zephop helps businesses to understand customer behaviour

Customer Driven

Increase customer engagement further with offers on birthdays, gender-based offers and more!

Zephop allows B2B networks

B2B Networks

Use Zephop to build a common loyalty program for a network of businesses or locations.

Zephop is reward driven

Incentive Driven

When customers know they are working their way to a reward, they will return to redeem points.

Zephop provides brand recognition to businesses

Social Branding

Zephop gives you a platform to reach out to customers via social media and keep ahead of the curve.

Zephop provides accurate customer metrics

Customer Metrics

Keep a track of customers and use it to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

Zephop helps businesses to retain customers

Customer Retention

Keep customers delighted and use real-time data to market your products and services effectively.

Zephop provides instant reporting for business performance

Marketing Analytics

Real-time analytics show the most important metrics you should improve to grow sales.

Zephop provides real-time market research

Know your Customer

Digging deeper will provide you with the sort of incentives that fuel the desire of your customers.

Help make Zephop better

Winning Formula

Differentiate your business and get an edge over competitors. Zephop can be your competitive advantage.

Zephop is secure

Data Security

Your analytics data is safe at all times. Zephop was built to be rock-solid for data security and privacy.

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