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Earn points at cafes, boutiques, and restaurants

Earn loyalty points when you spend at your favourite places

Stack up on points every time you spend at cafes, restaurants and your other favourite hangout spots.

Use your points to get rewards, freebies and special deals

Get rewarded with free stuff on your next visit

Use your stash of points to get freebies and special deals! Remember the time it was your turn to pick up the tab?

Manage points and rewards in one place

Manage your points and rewards in one place

Zephop keeps track of your points and rewards automagically. So when you go out next time, bring a lot of friends, not a lot of loyalty cards.

Level up with Zephop

Zephop is simple

Super Simple

Zephop is very easy. You get 1 point when you spend 1 rupee. No more complex calculations!

Zephop is convenient


No need to keep track of what is spent where. View all your expenditures in one place.

Zephop is effective

Instant Results

Use your points on the same day. There are lots of freebies and discounts to redeem them on.

Zephop works everywhere

Works Everywhere

Zephop can be used on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. It syncs seamlessly across devices.

Zephop is cardless

No Cards

Everything that you transact through Zephop is online. Your account follows you everywhere!

Zephop is free


You pay us nothing! It costs nothing to sign up and start earning points with businesses right away.

Zephop is easy

Hassle Free

Using the web app saves you the hassle of keeping track of multiple cards and schemes.

Zephop is fast


You can redeem freebies quickly, and also to keep a tab on all transactions in a jiffy.

Zephop is exciting


List of rewards and free goodies is endless and curated keeping in mind preferences and desires.

Discover on Zephop

Hyper Local

Zephop helps you discover hang-out spots near you. Just connect with the businesses you like!

Help make Zephop better

Feedback Driven

Reach out to us via our contact page to give us feedback on what you like and what we can do better.

Zephop is secure


Your account information is safe with us and you have full control over it at all times.

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